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Friday, October 30, 2009

Book Review...

Kiriath's Quest by Rick Barry

I just finished reading Kiriath's Quest and I really felt like I couldn't put it down! The main storyline is of the kingdom Xandria. The king of Xandria, Jekoniah, is kidnapped by a group of evil intruders, Grishnaki. Prince Kiriath goes on a mission to save his father, and his kingdom. But the quest is not an easy one. It is long and dangerous and Kiriath must be quick and brave to conquer all of the dangerous territory.

I love the Lord of the Rings trilogy and this book reminded me of them. It seemed to be set in that "time period" and it was full of fantasy. Flying serpents, Grishnaki(which I pictured as Urukai if you are familiar with Lord of the Rings) and vines that would come alive to crush its victims. I was also picturing that same terrain. The beauty of the mountains, woods, and streams. The story line was completely different, but it had that same feel, and I loved that.

I think it is fun to be able to enjoy a fictional story and think of how it relates to our world today. There is no talk of God or the devil in this story, however it is filled with good and evil. You want good to triumph. One particular verse that I really loved was:
"Righteousness and and evil will never change...only those who work them." Isn't that the truth? Not just in this fantasy novel, but in our lives right now. There are so many evil things happening around us, yet so many wonderful things too (we just don't get hear of the wonderful things as often.) We must all remember to hang on to the Lord, who is good, and with him, battle evil.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good fantasy novel. It was fun to read and I am really hoping that Rick Barry will continue these characters into a series!

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