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Friday, June 25, 2010

Redeeming Love Book Review...

We had our book club meeting last night to discuss Redeeming Love, so I now have free reign to talk about my feelings on the book!
I started it last Saturday night at 9pm and finished it a little after 4am. I couldn't put it down! This is literally one of the most powerful books I have ever read. The emotions I felt ranged from sadness to anger, from joy to despair.
This book is based on the Book of Hosea. If any of you aren't familiar with the Book of below for a refresher...
The main character, Angel, has a horrible life. She was sold into prostitution as a child, and without giving away anything, you can't imagine the horrible things that happen to her. Throughout the book you continue to find out more bits and pieces to her life.
She meets a man named Michael Hosea. He know that the Lord has shown him that Angel is the woman he is supposed to marry. Michael is a man of TREMENDOUS faith! He sets forth on a journey to not only win her hand in marriage, but her heart and trust. As you can imagine, this journey is a long one. Angel has been through so much in her life, she can't imagine having someone (let alone a man) in her life that she can trust.
This entire book is about grace, forgiveness, and love. Not just the love between man and wife, but the UNCONDITIONAL love that is shown to us every single day by our wonderful and gracious Lord. Many things happen throughout the book that will make you think, "how can this keep happening?" The sad thing is that this book is about all of us. Maybe not to the extreme of prostitution and abuse, but learning to understand the complete and unconditional love that we have. Learning that though we might think that we aren't worthy, we are still loved no matter what. And we are continually forgiven every day of our lives. When we think, "how can this keep happening?" we need to look up and put our faith in HIM.
This is one of the best books I have ever read. The story was amazing, but more than that, learning to be amazed all over again of God's love for each and every one of us...Always something we need to remember...

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