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Monday, September 27, 2010

Banned Books week...

This week is national Banned Books week across America...I am not going to begin to delve into all of the reasons mainstream books were banned and when, but it made me think of all of the places across our world that THE MOST IMPORTANT book is banned every day, and that is The Bible. Are you aware that it is illegal in many countries across the world to be a Christian, let alone carry God's word. Even in America, the bible is controversial in everyday life, especially when you are pairing it with governments and school systems. I also found people online that are right now are trying to get the bible banned...period...and that is in America....
What is my point to all of this? During Banned Books Week, Amnesty International directs attention to the plight of individuals who are persecuted because of the writings that they produce, circulate or read. We all need to be aware that the MOST important book in our lives is continually scrutinized, judged, and criticized every day...How often do we think of that?
This is God's word...the most important book of all time...We must cherish that we have access to it because there are so many across the world that do not. We must be strong and stand up for God's word. Stand up for the TRUTH. Though National Banned Books week happens one week a year, our awareness of this topic should be in our minds everyday so we can stand up for the Truth no matter what...

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