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Friday, December 17, 2010

Nearing the end...

Well, there is only a week left before Christmas. I am looking forward to Christmas day, but will be honest when I say that I will be disappointed when it is gone. I love this time of year! I love the sights, smells, sounds...I love it all! The store is busy and festive and we always have many new customers in the door.

Once January comes the store quiets down and it isn't as busy...and it makes me miss the busyness.

I am really excited though about all of the fun things we are planning at the store for next year! We truly want Kira's Cottage Christian Store to be a place to come and fellowship. A place to come and have fun. A place to come and earn more about our wonderful savior. A place of refuge...I pray that will see many new faces in 2011!

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