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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Book Review from Kim Hunter!

Angel Song by Sheila Walsh & Kathryn Cushman

Before going to this year's Women of Faith conference (which I highly reccomend to everyone!), I only knew Sheila Walsh as the author of the "GiGi: God's Little Princess" books. Then I heard her speak and totally fell in love her and wanted to read everything she has! "Angel Song" is the story of Annie Fletcher and her journey of faith after the death of her sister, Sarah. During Sarah's last moments, she hums a tune unfamilar to Annie. Afterwards, Annie begins hearing the tune in her dreams and other unxpected places, and starts to wonder if she's losing her mind. Not helping the situation, is a neighbor's son who has Down's Syndrome and believes he sees and hears angels all the time and says they are singing to Annie. Annie is so hurt by her sister's death and struggling from childhood abandonment issues, that she doesn't believe in angels or that God, if there is one, would even bother to care enough to send them to her. From there the story explores all kinds of themes like: Do angels really exist?; How good do you have to be for God to love you?; Is God there even when you don't feel him?; and much more. Annie discovers the answers to all these questions and more with the help of some really wonderful friends and maybe even an angel or two. =) I really loved it and can't wait to read her newest book "Sweet Sanctuary".

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