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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Favorite Friendship Festival Recipe!

Buzz's Chocolate Chip
Oreo Orbs!

2/3 Package of Oreos
8 oz cream Cheese
1 package Wind and Willow Chocolate Chip Cheeseball Mix
Nestle Tollhouse White Chocolate Chips

In a large bowl...mix together cream cheese, Wind and Willow Chocolate Chip Cheeseball Mix, and crushed oreos. Make sure the oreos are crushed into a powder. Mix together well until it creates almost a paste texture. Place back into refrigerator to harden. After mixture hardens, get a melon baller and make small balls out of the mixture. Melt the white chocolate chips and dips oreo balls in white choclate covering completely. Lay out on wax paper until the white chocolate hardens. ENJOY!

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