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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Simple Things in Life...

Things I Love about the latest artistic endeavors in my life (not in any particular order!)
1. Finding recipes and actually cooking. Now, I may not be fabulous, it at least I have time now to actually do it!

2. Leisurely staying up late to not stress or worry,but actually do something enjoyable like read, create something, or watch a chick flick.

3. Getting house in better shape. Again,may not be perfect by any means, but at least I have more time to get through projects and keep things in better order.

4. Having the desire to actually create my art again. My last phase of life made me so overwhelmed, that I didn't have the emotional energy to even try.

5. Having time with my hubby. We have been going out to breakfast once a week after taking the kiddo to is nice to have a few quiet moments with him.

6. Once a week bible study/emotional relief time with some awesome friends!

7. Seeing things more clearly. I drove down a street in Franklin the other day that I hadn\'t been down in years and realized there are some wonderful nooks and crannies in our town! I don\'t think I had the time (or made the time) to notice before...

8. Starting to take walks it!

9. Getting creative ideas for my art...and getting excited about them!

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