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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back to School Ideas: Recipes

 One of my favorite and my 7 yr old daughters favorite food is Quesadillas! Quesadillas can be a great meal or snack depending on what all you stuff them with. Morgans favorite happens to be just plain old cheese quesadilla. We use colby jack cheese and she loves to dip it in salsa! I of coure love this too...( who does t love cheese!?) But, i also stuff them with all kinds of goodies! Veggies, meat, and sauces are great for quesadillas. I love it when i make bbq shredded chicken. I stuff a quesadilla with the bbq chicken, cheese, and dip in ranch! These are all simple ideas, but sometimes it is nice to be reminded of new ideas for simple foods. :)

Soft tortilla shells
Take one tortilla and top with fixins, cover with another tortilla and heat in pan until gooey and bubbly and light brown on the outside 

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