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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Book Review: Cape Refuge Series


Book Description:

In the fourth book of the Cape Refuge Series, a teenage girl is found murdered, and the scene matches one in a book by a famous mystery writer who just moved to the island. This murder has a connection to Hanover House, and the residents there might never be the same.

Book Review by Kimberly Hogue:

It bears repeating, I love Terri Blackstock and mysteries. Wow, this mystery takes the cake. Probably the best book of the series. This book was devoted mainly to a couple of the supporting characters and I loved it. The mystery was amazing and you again truly had no clue where she was going with it. For the final book in the series (boo hoo), it wraps the stories up well, leaving you with that "warm and fuzzy" feeling that all will be well. I happen to like happy endings. I read mostly for entertainment and not deep thought. Some people may be tempted to call these books "fluff." I would agree and disagree. I read secular mystery books also, and I find it refreshing to be able to read a really good mystery without all of the typical secular vocabulary and imagery. I don’t personally feel these books to be preachy but have actually given me things to think about. I definitely recommend these books and hope that you enjoy them as much as I did. If I didn’t have so many other great books waiting for me to read them, I would definitely read these again. Enjoy!

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