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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Book Reviews: Cape Refuge Series

Cape Refuge Series by Terri Blackstock

Book Description:
Police Chief Cade disappears after hitting and killing a man with his car. Without a trace, without a note, without ta king clothes or his car or money, he is gone. When a witness says she saw Cade getting into a blue Buick with a woman before his disappearance, the newspapers report that Cade left town to be with her. Blair knows it doesn’t make sense for Cade to leave without word for any reason. The dead man is identified, and it soon becomes clear that the woman Cade was seen with was the wife of the dead man. Newspapers begin to ask hard questions. Was the Cape Refuge Chief of Police having an affair with this woman? Did he deliberately kill her husband, then make it look like an accident? When the police department receives a handwritten note from Cade that he has run off to get married to a woman he’s kept secret, everyone breathes a sigh of relief. But Blair notices his unusual signature: Matt Cade. Cade never goes by his first name, and he especially never calls himself "Matt." She thinks it’s a signal from him that the contents of the note are false. Meanwhile, around the south, there are news reports about babies being kidnapped from area hospitals. When a ransom call comes to Hanover House from the baby’s kidnapper, they are all shocked to see that the phone it is traced to is Cade’s cell phone. Is he involved in the babies’ disappearance? Is that newhy he’s disappeared?


Book Description:
In the third of the best-selling Cape Refuge series, mayoral candidate Ben Jackson seems to have the election locked. But when Jackson's wife turns up murdered, things begin to shift. Was this the act of a jealous lover? A dangerous client? Or is this all about the election?
Book Reviews by Kimberly Hogue:

Again, I love Terri Blackstock and mysteries. Southern Storm is another great read. My favorite character is Blair. She is a very flawed and this book is really about how she comes to terms with her life and God. The mystery again is very suspenseful. You never quite know where it is going
and I got very wrapped up in "are they ever going to find him." I had a hard time putting this one down too.

River's Edge is my favorite so far. Blair is a new Christian and she wrestles with immaturity that we all feel at some time. Morgan experiences some heartache and I can feel her pain. I have grown so attached to the characters by this time. I just love this family. Another mystery you have no idea where it is headed. I just loved it.
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