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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Book Review...By Kim Hunter

Bill Meyers - Angel of Wrath
Book Description
Thirteen-year-old Jazmin, her ex-Special Ops uncle Charlie, and former FBI agent Lisa are reunited in the second of the Voice of God series to stop a an assassin driven to murder members of a megachurch led by Lisa's brother. This assassin has drawn in a coven of teens toying with satanic practices to support his efforts. The naive youth engage in ceremonies that appear to usher in the death of each of his victims. When their rituals open a portal into the spiritual realm, a terrifying and mysterious entity crosses over to our world.The battle culminates with the capture of Lisa's father as the next target and a Black Mass requiring both their deaths as a sacrifice. The team will, once again, have to rely on all their wits, strength, and faith to survive in this action-packed, unearthly warfare.

While the genre of supernatural-thriller may not appeal to a wide range of people, this story was fairly entertaining and contained a lot of truths I feel are conveniently over-looked in many churches today.

One of the main characters, Thomas, and his church board are more concerned with advertising and presenting a pretty face (as demonstrated by refusing to put a singer on-stage who's face is heavily scarred) to build church attendance than they are with the message being preached. Their theory seems to be that preaching about a happy God is better than scaring people off with messages about sin and repentance. This hypocrisy is apparently what leads the killer to target the people of this specific church. They finally learn that repentance and forgiveness, along with sincere worship and prayer are what matter most and ultimately saves them at the end of the story.

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