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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramblings for today...

Do you ever feel like in your life that things are just status quo? Things stay the same no matter what...In my life recently, I have been overwhelmed by things. I have been stressed, but it is always the same each day. I don't want it to be like that anymore.

I ultimately made a big decision to start cutting out "projects" in my life that don't fall into the most important areas of my life. If I am going to do something, I want it to mean something. Let me rephrase that...I need to do things that the Lord wants me to do... I told a friend the other day that some days I feel like butter spread on to much bread...

I LOVE the store. I feel like we are here to serve the community and I want the Lord to show us all the ways He wants us to do that. I can't continue to do things that the Lord didn't show me. I think sometimes we all get so focused that we lose sight of what matters most.

I think that is all for now...

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