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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mistaken Identity...Amazing!

Our book club meeting is tonight (5/26 @ 6:30) and we are discussing the book Mistaken Identity...the true heartwrenching story by the Van Ryn & Cerak families.

On a horrible night in 2006 a tragedy happened...there was an automobile accident. The Cerak Family thought they had lost their daughter, Whitney and the Van Ryn family was horrified at the terrible injuries to their daughter Laura. What they didn't know was in 5 weeks, their lives would again be changed forever.

Their tragedies and blessings brought them together. Not only did they lean on eachother, but they gave ALL of the glory to God. They didn't hate Him for what had happened, they praised Him and sang His name. Can you imagine? I cannot fathom anything that they went through, but I pray that whatever happens to me in my life, that the Lord will give me half as much strength as these 2 families had and still have.

This book was truly inspiring and tear jerking. I cried through the entire book. This was real, not fiction. It truly happened and that is what makes it even more heartwrenching. My heart went out to these families that I have never met. I pray that you will read this book and take away what they want you to take away. God is wonderful, amazing, awe inspiring, and so much more...Lean on the Lord and He will help yo uget through ANYTHING. This book portrays this beautifully.

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