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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TEAM JESUS Twilight Party

Friday, Nov 11 from 7pm-9:30pm
Ok, so Twilight is not a Christian book/movie at all. many have been drawn to the story. I enjoy the movies and thought it would be interesting for Christian fans of Twilight to come together for discussion, since Breaking Dawn will release in November. Many books have been written on the topic, Including: The Gospel According to Twilight, The Twilight Phenomenon, Escaping the Vampire, and Touched by a Vampire.

At this party/discussion, we will talk about why teen girls along with everyone else has fallen in love with the series.
What is good about this FICTIONAL series and what is bad? What can we learn from it? Does it teach anything valuable about sex, beauty, sacrifice, violence, and power...

Note: This party is for discussion and for fun. Remember, Twilight is just a fiction book/movie...We want to get together, have a fun time, and remember what Team we are really on: TEAM JESUS! There will be games and some yummy food.

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