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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Remember When...

DISCLAIMER: This is the opinion solely of Kira Brant from The Art of Kira Studios. Please don\'t hold anyone else accountable for these statements.

 Since Kira's Cottage has closed...I feel very strongly about certain things. I guess I always felt strongly, however I didn't speak my mind often because I didn't want to make anyone mad. I still don't want to offend anyone...but here it goes.

Small business is important. Can you imagine driving down our downtowns across America and nothing being there? Just emptiness. And sure, you can probably save a few bucks at Walmart, at Amazon, and even at But let's not forget that Amazon or CBD don't support your local economy, don't donate to your local organization, or know your name. They don't say hi to you at the local coffee shop, they don't ask about your kids or how your job is going. They don't laugh with you, cry with you, or pray with you.

So everyone can talk about how small business really doesn't matter anymore, but it does. When all of the small businesses in America close, the downtowns are empty, and property taxes rise due to run down buildings that sit and sit with nothing in will matter. And maybe it doesn't matter that Kira's Cottage has closed, but I beg you, please don't let any other small businesses close downtown. There are enough empty buildings in Franklin. Please, support our awesome stores, yummy restaurants, our local services...don't forget about them. Our little town has so any wonderful options...and don't let a closed road stop you! There are PLENTY of parking spaces around town...I Promise!

You might think these statements are just coming from a store owner who lost her business. You might even think I am bitter or just cynical. But, I am talking to store owners from all over our country struggling to survive. I don't want to see others struggle...especially those just down the road. I am happy with my new phase of life. I love my art and I love what I am doing. I am so thankful and blessed! And I sure dont want my new business to disappear! I just want you to see...If we don't support local business, who will?  If everyone ends up taking these places for granted, you will be driving down Jefferson St and Main St and say..."remember when?"

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